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Hillary Campbell is an experienced litigator handling business and commercial litigation, as well as general litigation matters. A significant portion of Hillary’s practice is devoted to representing manufacturers in products liability litigation where she has represented manufacturers of products ranging from tires to medical devices to consumer products. Her business litigation practice is just as varied and has involved representing businesses and individuals in cases involving allegations of fraud and civil conspiracy, as well as in business tort and contract dispute matters.

As we’ve discussed, the federal government seems to be getting on board with the legal use of psychedelics. So are many states. While states across the country are moving towards expanding legal (or at least decriminalized) access to psychedelics, we doubt it will come as any surprise to those experienced in the cannabis industry that

Just as we did, the Food and Drug Administration has recognized the growing enthusiasm for exploring opportunities to use psychedelic medications to treat mental health disorders. In June, FDA issued for the first time draft guidance providing considerations for those developing psychedelic drugs for the treatment of medical conditions. The guidance explicitly focuses on “classic

We’ve been tossing this idea around in our heads ever since research about microdosing psychedelics entered the mainstream media a few years ago. And the more we think about it, the more we think Congress may allow patient access to psychedelic treatments before it does so for marijuana.

Before you think we’ve been consuming too