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Yesterday the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission(AMCC) awarded the five coveted licenses in the Integrated Facility category. The five licenses were awarded to:

  1. Trulieve AL
  2. Sustainable Alabama
  3. Wagon Trail Med-Serv
  4. Flowerwood Medical Cannabis
  5. Specialty Medical Products of Alabama

In an unprecedented turn of events, Trulieve AL was awarded a license as the statutorily required 1/5 minority licenses even though Trulieve AL was not originally ranked in the top five applicants – in light of the fact that no other minority applicants were ranked in the top five. Under Alabama law, the licenses awarded yesterday will not be issued for another few weeks, during which time disappointed applicants will have the opportunity to request administrative appeals. I suspect others will proceed directly to court to challenge the results. It should be an interesting holiday season for the Integrated Facility applicants, and we’ll follow it all here at Budding Trends.