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Last week, following a six-week notice and comment period, the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission voted to approve the previously released proposed rules. This is an important step in keeping the program on the timetable set by the commission. One caveat: We don’t know what the commission approved.

Prior to the vote, the commission stated that it had received a number of both written and oral comments at a July hearing. The commission further stated that it had made a number of specific changes, including:

  • Removing the requirement that dispensaries be located in stand-alone buildings;
  • Replacing the requirement that facilities have two security guards on premises 24 hours a day with a requirement that facilities have at least one security guard on premises and sufficient security otherwise to protect the facility and its occupants; and
  • Removing the requirement that facilities have three-inch doors.

There are apparently a number of other changes, but they were not discussed during the public meeting last week.

Commission staff indicated that the updated rules should be available to the public on or before August 31. We will, of course, provide an update once those rules are released.